Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter 10, Page 3 Doctor, your patient is dead

A memory unearthed.

Sorry for the continued inconsistency with the schedule. Along with school being demanding we've got some rather interesting weather on the way. Gotta make sure I won't run out of necessary supplies if I get snowed in.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter 10, Page 2 Your spell is Zippo?

Even in serious campaigns, Dad isn't always serious.

Hey, you play games to have fun, right? And some people have fun by playing with words.

Maybe that's why Dad always likes playing the wizards.

I wish to apologize for the lack of updates since the chapter started, I'm having a little difficulty getting my Real Life schedule worked out this semester. Doesn't help any that I'm supposed to be exercising, too. Which is what I should be doing now, come to think of it. Oh well.

Anyway, I will be trying to make more regular updates on an actual schedule. In the meantime, I don't know how many of my readers are also on TVTropes, but a page for MQC would be great. ^_^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chapter 10, Page 1 What not to wear, D&D

Seriously, what is she thinking?

For those of you wondering what the title of this chapter indicates ... uh, yeah. This isn't actually the focus of the chapter. Though she does raise a good point.

The answer: These games are marketed to late teen, early twenty males who suffer from severe (and self inflicted) babe deficiency.

Or if they aren't, they sure do a good job looking like they are.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chapter 10, Title Page Awareness

Reality is sometimes pleasant. Sometimes, ah, not.

I'm back!

Christmas was fantastic. Family, presents, my rabbit, presents, spiritual nurturing, more presents...

And incredible bitter cold. Yay, winter. (Ugh.)

Anyway, school is starting, I've got a few strips inked and a couple more penciled, might be able to stay on track. Or not. Here goes. ^_^

Oh, and to those of you who lurk around (you know who you are) I wouldn't at all mind a trope page for MQC. Really. Okay. Done with the blatant promoting.