Thursday, July 25, 2013

Delay again... still...

Sorry for the delay.

Well, I'm almost done with moving. That is, I'm within a day or so of having my stuff out of the old apartment and into the new one. Not sure when the chaos of boxes and furniture will turn into something livable.

My initial plan for Mary Quite Contrary was to have Mary and her family age in more-or-less real time, like Gasoline Alley and For Better Or For Worse. The way things are going right now I'll either have to change that plan or skip a lot of stuff I had planned to draw. I think I'll go with the former. Not that I don't also plan on adding a lot of stuff to the earlier chapters. That will probably wait until I get these into 'dead tree' format. If I ever manage to.

Just wanted to let everyone who's still reading this know. I will be back eventually.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chapter 15, Page 5 Sandwich line

Fast food is too fast.

Sorry for the long delay. Again. Life has struck with unusual severity the last couple months. First allergies then moving (which I'm still in the process of) and then my dear little bunny died. More details on that in one of my dad's blogs. So Drawing has been kind of a low priority for a while. The weather isn't helping, either. Drawing in the summer isn't pleasant when your drawing surface is a heat source or when you start sweating all over your work.

As for the comic itself... I really should have realized sooner that fast food and I don't mix. Actually, I pretty much stink at any kind of assembly line work.