Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chapter 15, Page 5 Sandwich line

Fast food is too fast.

Sorry for the long delay. Again. Life has struck with unusual severity the last couple months. First allergies then moving (which I'm still in the process of) and then my dear little bunny died. More details on that in one of my dad's blogs. So Drawing has been kind of a low priority for a while. The weather isn't helping, either. Drawing in the summer isn't pleasant when your drawing surface is a heat source or when you start sweating all over your work.

As for the comic itself... I really should have realized sooner that fast food and I don't mix. Actually, I pretty much stink at any kind of assembly line work.


Brian Gill said...

"Fast food:" It's more than a name. ;)

Brigid said...

Dad: Not if I'm making it. Then it's slow, barely-recognizable-as food.

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Thank goodness Minnesota isn't such a big car manufacturing state, then (is it?). Somehow, the image of a sweaty Mary in oil stained overalls just seems...possible to me.

Oh, and really sorry to hear about your bunny :-(


Brigid said...

@Journo: It isn't. The area I'm in is mostly agricultural with some tourism (since we're on the edge of lake country). We've also got 3M and a number of other manufacturers. Funny thing, I haven't owned a pair of overalls in over a decade. Would like to, if I could find one that fits.

Thanks. I miss the little fuzzbutt.