Monday, September 17, 2012

Chapter 15, Page 13 No translation

Translation please?

Actually, I will provide a translation.

Panel 1: Passport.

Panel 2: Welcome.

Panel 3: Parking is straight ahead. Follow the signs to customs.


I am so sorry! I'm sure it's purely coincidental that I've been having so many technical difficulties with page 13. Very sure. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm tired of having to rearrange my desktop, including aspect ratios which don't always work and preferences that get reset for no reason I can think of, every time I want to use my tablet. So I got the parts and had my brother put together a computer rig specifically for my tablet. One problem. *Every time* I try to put the Photoshop installation CD into the computer the tablet goes out of sync and shuts down. Can't really install something if I don't have a monitor to see what I'm doing. GAAAA! And this rig is totally useless if I can't get Photoshop onto it! I have a ten-pound paperweight! *bangs head on desk* I wonder if my brother has a spare monitor I can borrow for a little while.