Monday, January 7, 2008

Chapter 4, Page 3 Watch the Mouth

possibility of twins

Before going any further I'd like to mention that the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards are coming up. Please vote for me in something! ^_^ Okay, on to the commentary.

It always seems odd to Mary when Dad reacts negatively to jokes about his weight, because he'll joke about it too at times.

Might have something to do with her timing. Or delivery.

Anyway, the probability of Mom having twins is pretty low. It's true that women over 30 are more likely to have multiple births (Mom is 37 right now) but that likelihood is only 4%.

Fraternal twins might be a possibility since Grandpa has a twin sister, but from what I understand the genetic predisposition for that is only handed down through the female line.

This information was obtained from Child Care Essentials.

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