Friday, February 8, 2008

Hozowokamu = I'm very sorry!

Sorry for the delay.

I'm going to an anime convention next week and because I've been so busy getting ready I haven't prepared any episodes for today or next week. There are some sketches, but nothing finished. Once I get back I'll be working really hard on catching up. Promise!



ditloac said...

OMG! YESSSSS! YER GOING TO A CON! *happy happy* I have no idea what cons are this weekend, I know Katsucon is really soon, so I'm guesstimating yer attending that, unless it's a smaller con near you.
I'm so happy! You have fun, enjoy the costumes, and attend the fun panels.

And because I love the colouring you did on this page, what effect did you use? It's so cool, how did you get that colouring, was it a filter or a brush, or a texture on the paper you originally did it on? I must know, it's so cool!

Brigid said...

^_^ Thanks.

Actually, it is Katsucon. I can't believe I'm going to something that far away. @.@

The effect was done with one of the faux finish brushes in Photoshop. I can't recall which one, off hand. I just selected the area for coloring and then went to town with the brush. lol