Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chaper 4, Page 26 Real Spring

reality and ideal

Anyone know of a place that is really like the idealized spring of greeting cards? Because Minnesota sure isn't it. Slush, mud, slud... wet, wet, wet.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Ah, Spring! When a young man's heart lightly turns to scraping mud off his shoes.

No, that's not right!

Good to see MQC back on track.

Brigid said...


I'm glad, too.

(Here's hoping the commenting works, it wasn't earlier.)

Tenacious-K said...

The 'burbs of Chicago aren't too bad - the wetness gets soaked up pretty fast by the grass, trees, and flowers that start coming on strong (not quite yet, though - had six inches of snow last night - but soon!). Colorado was like that too (grew up there, sorta). Be thankful we're in a temperate zone, 'cause it's nice to have seasons; having also spent several years in Arizona and South Florida where there are none - just 'hot' & 'hotter' - Fall and Spring are nice rewards.

Glad your wrist is feeling better!

T-K [aka Rudbeck]

Brigid said...

Nice to know. ^_^ I like living up here, too. Spring is awkward sometimes but fall is really pretty.

And I'm glad the wrist is better, too! No carpal tunnel so far!

Robert said...

I remember when my friends Will and Tana lived in Wyoming, they said there were two seasons there: Winter and Road Construction. ^^;;

Brigid said...

Very true.

We call the seasons Shovel and Swat, here. lol