Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapter 4, Page 35 Babysitting job p1

Do I get paid?

It's a reasonable enough question, really, just not the first thing Mom wanted Mary to have in mind. Charity is a virtue and all that. Besides, these are supposed to be friends. You're supposed to be willing to help friends without expectation of reward.

On the other hand... well, you'll just have to see Wednesday's episode. There's a *reason* Mary wants to be paid so badly.


Rudbeck said...

Hey, friends are friends and all, but we're talkin' capitalism here! For a 13-year-old like Mary, this is her first chance at earning some cash for her very own. I mean, for teenagers too young to work at McDonalds, baby-sitting is your main source of income, a right and a privilige! An American tradition. You should agree on a price per hour based on the number of kids you're watching and the deal should include transportation, etc. Tell Mary to stick to her guns on this one!


Brigid said...


There's nothing like taking care of screaming kids to make one appreciate the value of a dollar.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

...and that's why you can't pay people enough to be parents. ;)

This is a good trip down memory lane.

Brigid said...

Just wait until I get today's strip up!

Not enough money in the *world*.