Friday, March 13, 2009

Chapter 7, Page 21 TL;DR

Dad talks a lot.

For the uninitiated, the title of this post translates as "too long; don't read." Of course, I actually do want you to read this, but considering the massive info dump captured in this episode I thought the title was appropriate.

And this is still condensed from what Dad normally does, as well as being near the end of his rambling.

I love my Daddy. ^_^


Tenacious-K said...

Oh. My. Gosh! That's a funny one! I'm afraid I too am often guilty of giving too much information in response to a simple question. But the monologue you have here is hilarious - and I haven't come close to reading all of it!

BTW, I love the joke variation of Mary Poppins' magic word - I had never heard that and now I have tears from laughing!

Great comic, Brigid! Keep 'em comin'!

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

I love you, too.

And, I see how that started with 'how is bungalow spelled?' - The word bungalow is one of many which English picked up as the English extended their influence over the world. Specifically, from India, or at least the Indian subcontinent - the Himalayas have that typical crescent shape that many subduction-zone-created mountain ranges do. The whole....

I'd better stop now.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Wait! I didn't explain about the British Empire. It's been theorized that the reason that European groups set up colonies, while China didn't throughout its long history - I'll get back to that - is that China had a lot of relatively open land around it. Don't tell that to the people who lived in the open land: It's sort of like the Scots and English situation. Or Scots and the Irish and the English. My ancestors - way, way, back there - might have been landowners before the English overlords started throwing their weight and warm beer around. It could have been worse, though. They did quite well as well-to-do-peasants.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. continental drift. One reason that life flourishes - - -

What's that huffing sound?


It's #1 daughter.

"I'll be back."

Brigid said...

@Tenacious-K: And that's just the punchline. ^_^

The wonders of free association.

@Dad: Like I said...

Baka_Bomb said...

The joke in our family was "Never ask your father what time it is unless you want to know how the clock works."

Brigid said...

@Baka_Bomb: Sounds like we had similar dads. Now that's a scary thought.

Robert said...

I've heard of kitten huffing, but daughter huffing? oO

Brigid said...

@Robert: Kitten what?? Do I even want to know.