Monday, September 21, 2009

Chapter 9, Page 1 Minnesota action hero

MacGyver defines awesome.

I wouldn't say that I (or Mary) had a crush on MacGyver at this point. That would necessitate wanting to be with him. I just wanted to *be* him. Doesn't hurt any to find out that your favorite action hero hails from your home state.


Montgraves said...

OMG MacGyver. I can wholeheartedly say I know exactly what you mean.

Who wouldn't want to be able to build a spaceship out of dental floss, duct tape, and a potted plant?

Zach said...

I have had several occasions this year to use "macgyver" as a verb. Example:

"I'm not sure how long these trebuchets will keep firing -- we just macgyvered them together in the first place out of some scrap..."



Brigid said...

@Montgraves: Greetings, fellow MacGyver fan!

@Zach: Whoa. 0.0 Seriously?

What's funny, is that his name is verbed *in the show!*

Zach said...


No actual castles were besieged in the creation of that sentence. :) This spring, I taught a class on "Backyard Ballistics" (in which the trebuchets were macgyvered); then a few weeks ago, pulled them back out for another class demonstration.

(They were/are pretty lame trebuchets -- I didn't have the power of the scriptwriter on my side...)

Brigid said...

@Zach: It's still a *trebuchet.* That's kinda cool all by itself.

Zach said...

Brigid - thanks!

Like I said, they were very small, very lame siege engines, capable of only throwing tennis balls or water balloons tens, if not dozens, of inches. ;) And likely as not to release early and fire backwards...

OTOH, the potato cannons work just fine. :D