Friday, January 21, 2011

Chapter 12, Page 5 Stop Action

This happens far too often.

Neither Mary nor Dad are very well organized, so this sort of thing happens a lot. Actually, I got the impression while playing with Dad that the things I decided to do were frequently outside his expectations. A sort of unspoken "Seriously? Are you sure you want to do that?"


Dan ( said...

I imagine that this is one of the factors common to all "real" RPGs (as opposed to computer-based, no offense intended to WOW fans); no matter how well-intentioned and in-depth the Game Master's planning, it's always possible (and indeed, likely) that one of their more creative players will do something completely unexpected (probably the more complex the game, the easier it is to misplace the necessary tables). It's where improvisational skills on the part of both the PC and GM come in most handy. :)

Robert said...

Heh. I'd just wing it half the time. I knew the rules fairly well, but not page numbers; looking things up took too long. Though one of my rulings really annoyed the gang because it resulted in a character death (3.5 edition, not allowing a paladin to lay-of-hands after making a full-move, meaning the PC died of bleeding on the next initiative, before the paladin could act). Though that was during the burnout period, so I was far less forgiving of accidental die rolls than I'd been before.

Rob H.

Brigid said...

@Dan: lol You have a point with the 'real' bit. There seems to be very little actual roleplaying in the MMOPRGs that I've played. I think what surprised Dad a lot at first was how I tried to talk my way out of problems instead of hacking and slashing.

@Robert: Harsh. Then again, rules are rules and people do die in combat.