Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 13, Page 7 Something missing

Skipping lines in a play.

Sorry for the delay. Again. Ugh. Allergies. Anyway, Mary has to improvise a little here. I kinda feel for the kid who played Peter Pan.


Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: I know what you mean about the allergies. Oh well, better late than never.

Wow, that's what I call awkward. Especially on performing night...0_0

Brian Gill said...

Oh, my. One of the thrills - or terrors - of live performance is realizing that the lead character has skipped to another part of the play.

Or, once in my case, to a different part of a musical section. Somehow, several dozen folks in the chorus changed gears and we finished the scene in synch.

And, yes: Sympathy is a good response. Thanks for sharing this.

Brigid said...

@Journo: Ugh. Misery loves company, but I do sometimes wish not quite so many people understood what I'm going through.

Live performance is a great way to practice thinking on your feet.

@Dad: Ouch. Thank goodness for a fast acting/thinking chorus.

The kid was, what, maybe 14? And obviously uncomfortable. One wonders if it was even his idea to try out for the play. You're welcome.

Tenacious-K said...


Reminds me: when doing My Fair Lady back in the Day, the lights came back up during a vignette of scenes and Pickering is NOT in his chair! I glance to the wings and see him standing there, rather nonplussed, and in costume for the next scene! And we have dialog in this one! Fun stuff. My Eliza and I carried it off successfully, and no one noticed. Hehehe

Yea! New Comic! Hope your allergies are soon under your control rather than the other way around! ;-)

Brigid said...

@Tenacious: Seems just about everyone who's been on stage has an experience like this. Gotta love live entertainment! (Allergies are getting better. And worse. And better again.)

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Ah, well. That's one way people make friends, I guess. They commiserate and compare each others miseries, then they take it from there.

In the meantime, have a kitty *puts a kitten on your head*

Brigid said...

@Journo: Kitty! *snuggles* *sneezes*

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Heheheheh, works every time. ^_^