Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chapter 15, Page 2 'Sis'perception

Little sisters are not boring.

As an adult I can see that I was kinda stupid as a teenager. My excuse is that my brain chemicals were out of whack (even more so than normal for a teen) and there was a general failure to communicate between myself and my little sisters. The age gap probably didn't help. So most of the strips involving Mary's little sisters come from what my little sisters have told me years after the fact. If I had known at the time that they pretended to snipe passing cars on their way to school I may have had a different opinion of them.


Anonymous said...

Hey there sis! ^^ Good to see you drawing again! I'm touched to see that you actually drew us doing that. Ruth's arm was such a fantastic sniper rifle. You're right, too, I think you would have had a lot of fun if you had joined us in our make believes.

Oh, and those times when I was being girly (even girlier than Ruth) and playing with my dolls, I was often silently running them through army training, some of them had super powers, and one would often end up nearly being assassinated. When I played with my friends, I was a little bored with their ideas of staging a wedding for Barbie and Ken and doing other more widely accepted things with them. Though I do admit that my 'doll orphanage' was fairly girly and not at all violent.


Brian Gill said...


Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: There's also the fact that they continued to go to school while you were being home schooled.

I wonder what my sisters think I did/do when they aren't with me. We don't hang out that often with each other. It's partly my doing, partly theirs.

Brigid said...

@Dad: ^_^

@Journo: True, though they were eventually homeschooled as well, we did our work separately because we'd distract each other. (And they still managed to distract me. I'm very distractable.)

As a teenager, I usually thought my sisters were plotting ways to annoy me when they weren't actively annoying me.

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Oh, wow, I didn't know that.

Another easily distractable person, yay.

sweet song said...

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Brigid said...

@Journo: Definitely got some of the Attention Deficit... Oooo Shiny.

@Sweet song: Uh, thanks. I sure hope you aren't spam.