Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter 15, Page 8 Schedule flubbed

Schedules should be fixed.

I'm back! Has anyone else who's worked in fast food run into this? Or food service in general. One of the big reasons why I'm never working in food service ever again is because the schedules not only change every week, but more often than not the schedule isn't even finalized until the last minute. This makes planning ahead next to impossible for me.

Not kidding about the 'in pencil' part, either. And I'm certain the schedule got changed after it was posted on several occasions with no one bothering to let me know.

Anyway, my original plan for Mary Quite Contrary was that the comic would proceed in real time along the lines of For Better Or For Worse and Gasoline Alley. Obviously, that isn't going to happen now. MQC's comic time will proceed at whatever pace fits the story and how often I'm able to update. Hopefully I'll be updating at least semi-regularly now.


Brian Gill said...

Yay! MQC is back!

'zilla said...

Yeah, I've never worked in food service but it has happened. Back when I was in college, I was working part time at J. C. Penney. I missed a shift because they changed my hours and didn't notify me. I run into that at my current job too. Last year, my wife and I went to a play on Saturday night, then to IHOP for dessert, then stayed up watching TV and went to bed around Midnight. I got a phone call at 5:15AM wanting to know why I wasn't at work. No one had told me, that's why. We could've skipped dessert and I would've gone straight to bed.

Brigid said...

@'zilla: And they act like it's your fault for not checking. Seriously? Once the hours for the next week are posted, why would anyone have any reason to recheck them for changes? I'm not going to come in when I'm not on the clock and probably disrupt everyone else just to check the schedule.

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: That's probably how they generate so many employees...they kill the previous generation by trapping them with arbitrary changes to their schedules as a pretext to fire them XP

Brigid said...

@Journo: I wouldn't be surprised.