Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chapter 15, Page 12 No food before surgery.

Food is so tempting.

Some members of my family don't particularly enjoy eating. They do so only because it is necessary for survival but otherwise see it as either unpleasant or a waste of time. I am not like that. I love to eat. Food is wonderful. The ironic thing is that the two people in my family who enjoy eating the most are also the two people without a functioning sense of smell.


Brian Gill said...

Yay! Another Mary Quite Contrary!

And - yes, that's odd, about eating and aroma.

'zilla said...

Wow! I checked your comic on a whim and there are actual updates and I even missed one! Just curious but are you one of the people without a functioning sense of smell? That must be weird.

Brigid said...

@Dad: Yeah. I've been provided some evidence that my sense of taste is way off the norm. (What's 'dusky' even supposed to taste like?)

@'zilla: One of these days I'm going to get back into some semblance of a schedule. And, to be honest, the weird thing is when I do almost vaguely smell something. Most of the time I just look at other people reacting to odors and wonder what's going on.