Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chapter 4, Page 48 Strange child.

She rolled.

So who'd want to be normal?

Though having Mary as the first born might be considered a little much for new parents to take. lol


Tenacious-K said...

Now that was funny!

I gotta say,though, that the rolling thing is not uncommon. My sweetie had a small daycare business in our home a few years ago, caring for newborns to 18-months-old - a real niche market since most of the independent day care providers started at 18 months. She'll tell you that probably 15-20% of kids will roll before they crawl. I think it's a natural extension of learning how to turn over. You turn over a couple and realize you're changing your world. Cool! It's probably a sign of original thinking and creativity.

I have no comment on the linoleum. To each his/her own I guess.


Brigid said...

Wow! I'd never heard of any other babies doing that before. Now I know!

lol Still have no idea why I did that with the linoleum.

Jordi said...

I'm told I never crawled as a baby, instead I also always rolled everywhere until I learnt to walk. No linoleum sucking though!

Brigid said...

lol! That's great! Way to drive your parents nuts. ^_^