Monday, May 12, 2008

Chapter 4, Page 50 Unseasonable cold

when it rains

As a Minnesotan I have some difficulty with this global warming concept. Especially this year when the lake ice stayed around until just last week.

In any case, thinking that humans cause global warming and are going to destroy the planet or whatever seems like a serious case of arrogance to me.

That's my take, anyway.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Around the time I graduated from high school, the big deal was the coming ice age. Global temperatures seemed to be going down then.

Fifty years from now, the Crisis du Jure will be something else.

BTW - "Earth Extinctions Blamed on Cosmic Speed Bump" ( (May 13, 2008) is a pretty good article on a new paper on a correlation between mass extinctions and the sun's orbit in the galaxy.

Never mind the first sentence: "The sun bounces up and down as it roams the Milky Way...." A better description of the sun's movement would be a sway or a swing and it doesn't roam - it goes around the center of the Milky Way galaxy in a quite circular orbit.

The 'bounce' is an oscillation above and below the galactic plane.

And, the correlation is being debated. Strongly.

BTW - if they're right, we're due for another bit of excitement in a few million years.

Robert said...

You know, lass, it's also arrogance to believe humanity can't be to blame for global warming for its own actions. And while locally there might not be as many signs of global warming, globally there are.

Besides. Shifting to a "green economy" will stimulate growth, new industries that the Chinese don't have a stranglehold on, and new ways of thinking. It's better to play it safe and not get hurt, than to think "nothing will happen to me" at which point you crash your bike and smack your head against the pavement, cracking your skull.

Brigid said...

Oh, I'm not doubting that a little environmental awareness is a good thing. Even a very good thing. My problem is more with the "and we're all going to DIE!!" crowd.

As a sort of side note, I buy organic foods and use natural pest repellents. Mainly because I'd get sick if I used the artificial stuff.

Anonymous said...


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Brigid said...

@Daniel: I don't see why not. Though I'm curious as to what information would be useful from a webcomic.

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