Monday, February 9, 2009

Chapter 7, Page 11 The things boys do.

Do all boys act this way?

Run into wall, fall on little diapered butt, giggle, run across room and repeat.

It seems to keep him entertained, but for heaven's sake, HOW?!


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

'If you don't know, you won't understand.'

I think this may be a 'guy' thing. I can appreciate his game - and his sisters didn't do anything quite like it.

Brigid said...

Yeah. Probably a guy thing.

I will never understand guys. Which is weird considering how well I play one in roleplaying games.

Robert said...

It's how they get their collective brain damage. =^-^=

Myself, I fell into the corner of a coffee table. Twice. Same corner. Same part of the forehead. Have the scars to prove it. No idea why.

Suppose it explains a lot. ^^;;

Rob H.

James said...

Keep in mind, we're the same people who think it's funny to punch one another, then brag it didn't hurt.

He's just getting an early start.

Brigid said...

And guys think girls are weird.

... Okay, we are, but so are guys.

Journo-SEAL said...

I was half expecting him to hit the wall and then...WAHHH!

Everytime I see a toddler fall down on the floor, I either expect them to start bawling or to just smile and pick themselves up.

Brigid said...

@Journo: Yeah, you'd think so. He's an odd kid.