Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chapter 7, Page 33 Cleansing change.

What's Mary's problem?

I still prefer baths to showers. How is it relaxing when you have to stand the whole time?

Oh, and I know it isn't Mother's Day yet, but I just wanted to say, "Sorry, Mom, for everything I put you through."


Tenacious-K said...

Dang, that's funny! I love your dad's 'too much information' grimace!

Oh, and your comment on the last strip about the Discovery Channel - also VERY funny! I laughed out loud. :D

This is a very fun theme you have going here.

Brigid said...

@Tenacious-K: LOL! Thanks!

Yeah, puberty is a lot funnier in retrospect.

Robert said...

Got Drama? =^-^=

Gotta love teenagers! ^^

Though I've run into the whole "Don't want a shower!" thing with my friend's seven-year-old (when she was feeling ill or was busy cleaning, I'd help out by setting up the shower and remaining in the bathroom while he showered/bathed and reminded him to actually wash himself rather than play or act like a lump).

Personally? I love showers. ^^ Though I prefer them more when the bloody hot water doesn't keep cutting out because everyone else in your apartment building uses up the hot water on you....

Brigid said...

@Robert: LOL! Yes, teenagers are made of drama. I really feel for the parents of teenagers everywhere.