Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chapter 13, Page 3 Dramatics Pay

Mary gets a leading role! Ruth's the dog.

Well, the once a week thing lasted for a little while, at least. Still getting used to my variable work schedule. But, hey, I have work. YES!

Also have a new project. Writing a biography of my paternal Grandpa. This should be interesting.

On to the comic at hand! Playing Nana isn't so bad. Really. There's a lot you can do with lines like "woof" and "ruff."

I'm just as glad I got the role of Wendy. I hate to think what crawling around on all fours would do to my knees. And back. And neck. Oh, my back.

And if any readers can't guess what the play is, I'm going to cry.


Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: it Sleeping Beauty? XD

...Nah, I'm just messing with ya. I know what play it is.

Oh wow, a biography of your paternal grandfather? That sounds really awesome!

Glad to hear you still have your job. And thankfully, it doesn't crawling around all day and saying "Woof, woof"

Brigid said...

@Journo: |P Goose.

It should be. As soon as I figure out the whole 'transcribing' thing. The man kept a diary since he was 16, but his handwriting is... uh... Well, my Dad's is worse, but that's really not saying much.

After a few hours of scrubbing toilets and picking chewing gum out of places that I really don't like to find chew gum, I'd gladly take the dog impersonation gig. But, hey, it keeps me active and I get paid. At the end of the day, I can't really complain. Me feet are another story.

Dan ( said...

"After a few hours of scrubbing toilets and picking chewing gum out of places that I really don't like to find chew gum..."

Let's just say that you're a stronger person than I am. And of course the play isn't "Sleeping Beauty", it's "The Sound of Music", duh. :P

Brigid said...

@Dan: Or just more used to gross things. With a little OCD on the side.

*headdesk* You guys... ^^;

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Ha ha ha ha! You are TOO easy! XD :p

Oh, looks like you got your work cut out for you. Good luck!

And hang in there with icky sticky bubble gum and the sore feet. I hear they make a gel for that. The sore feet, I mean.

Would be useful for the gum too.

Brian Gill said...

Good to see another/the next installment. And yes - Nana's part can be rich ground.

Brigid said...

@Journo: So I've been told. And I'm not entirely sure if I'd want to use a gel on my feet that can also remove chewing gum.

@Dad: Here's hoping I can get another installment up next week.

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: Good point. But the gel I'm thinking of is this peppermint gel for sore feet. Not sure where to get it (Body Shop, maybe?)

On a different note, being dramatic definitely helps. That is exactly why Mary got the leading part, and Ruth is in the dog house (joking...sort of...pun intended).

Brigid said...

@Journo: I'll keep that in mind.

Bad pun! Stay on the paper!

Journo-SEAL said...

@Brigid: *Pun whimpers, ears fold down like a sad doggy*

Brigid said...

@Brigid: Awwwww. How can I stay mad at something like that?

Zach said...

Sheesh, guys. The play is obviously Hamlet.


Brigid said...

@Zach: You know, you'd think I'd know better than to make statements like that.

Zach said...

One might think so, yes. :)