Friday, September 5, 2008

Chapter 6, Page 5 Recovering English Teacher

Recovering English teachers are scary.

No, Dad didn't actually say that. Yes, he did react that strongly.

He's very passionate about literature.

Oh and sorry about the odd schedule this week. T.T I'm so sorry. Hopefully I'm settled into the new routine now.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Exact words, no.

Tone, quite accurate. I'm not that way about all literature, but Shakespeare is one of the great writers in English.

Too bad the language has shifted so much in the last four centuries. It's a bit harder to follow what's being said.

Seems to me, we got you interested in Twisted Tales of Shakespeare: you remember, the one where Lady MacBeth was described as enjoying fingerpainting on the castle walls - with other people's blood?

Brigid said...

Hehe. Yeah. That's coming up. This whole Shakespeare thing is going to be quite a subplot for this chapter.

Robert said...

And of course you have the purists who claim it should only be read in the original Olde Englishe even though most people barely understand it. ^^

Personally? I think what matters is that people understand the gist of what's going on. So translating it into modern English equivalents should be fine. And this is an English Major saying that. =^-^=

Rob H.

Brigid said...

That would be great. Of course you lose some of the word play doing that, but most people don't understand the jokes today anyway, unless they read the footnotes.

(Shakespeare had a dirty, dirty mind.)