Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 11, Page 4 Permit to panic

Not looking forward to the school part.

Not really sure if that first panel is clear. Mary's supposed to be eating a sandwich. And talking with her mouth full. Bad manners!

Anyway, Mary finds out that she's going to be taking driver's ed so she can get her permit. Funny how I (er, Mary) tend to find out about these things after they've been set up.

Sorry about the delay. I was visiting family for most of last week. My sister has an absolutely adorable little baby wood mouse that she rescued.


Dan (AKA Croatoan5376@Yahoo.com) said...

The "once an hour, once a week" thing struck me as a bit ironic. I once took a Japanese language class at a local community college which met for only TWO hours, once a week (in fairness, they did ask if anyone would be interested in extending that to THREE hours a week, but I was the only one). I mean seriously, learning to drive a car may be a bit less complex, but how is one supposed to learn a language like Japanese in only ONE OR TWO HOURS A WEEK???

BTW, glad you enjoyed visiting your family. And I can't wait to see the next few comics (the splash page for Chapter Eleven is starting to make a LOT of sense, now)!

Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...

That first panel? It looks like a sandwich - or two Kit-Kat bars - or a couple of memory sticks - or something. Since Mary seems to be chewing, it had better be food. ;)

Good to see another MQC strip.

Brigid said...

@Dan: Yeah, that does seem rather odd. I mean, I was able to learn a few words of Norwegian by attending a deep immersion summer camp for 2 weeks, don't ask me about grammar. A language class that meets once a week for part of the summer sounds pathetic.

Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the next comic! It should be up more or less on time. Though considering that this was posted a day late...of four days late depending on where you're counting from...

@Dad: Uh, yeah. ^^;

Dan (AKA Croatoan5376@Yahoo.com) said...

@ Brian: two Kit-Kat bars? Okay, that may be a lot of crunchy, creme-filled wafer with chocolate coating to take on at one time (especially stacked one atop the other), but not inconceivable. But a couple of memory sticks? I've been reading MQC for quite a while, and our heroine never really struck me as the cyborg or android-type...

Tenacious-K said...

Why so serious? I assumed it was a sammich right off. ;-)

And Mary is taking the school thing too much to heart - or maybe she's still young enough to treasure her summer vacation and protect it against all odds, even the prospect of getting to drive.

I get the feeling that driving is not really at the top of her list. No doubt she perceives it as just a skill she must learn so she can drive her sisters all over creation and give the parental units a break. She hasn't twigged the potential for fun yet. hehehe

This will be interesting! :D

Brigid said...

@Tenacious-K: In part. Actually, it's more that the memory of what school was like for her is still too fresh in her mind (see chapter 1).

The driving all over creation bit is valid, though I don't recall really thinking about that too much. The idea of driving was kinda cool, just not on the top of my priority list.