Monday, June 9, 2008

Chapter 5, Page 11 Birdy decor

What a bird thinks of littering.

Don't get me wrong, littering can drive me nuts. Especially when it's half-full cans of pop or cigarette butts. Have these people never heard of trash cans?? It's really disgusting when one picks up a pop can to throw it away and end up getting splashed with a combination of pop, dirt, and likely some unknown person's spit.

Then again, animals can be quite creative with the trash they find. I seem to recall hearing that certain bower birds prefer decorating their love nests with pop bottle tops.


Journo-SEAL said...

One time, I was walking back to my room in the University all the way from the hospital. It was the dead of night, I was thirsty as hell, and I found a half empty plastic bottle of a fruit drink, with the bottle cap screwed on.

Just thought I would share.

Brigid said...

@Journo: A conscientious litterer?

Journo-SEAL said...

I guess. Although they could have at least finished the stupid bottle instead of tempting me. Gaahh

Brigid said...

@Journo: Yeah. I never did understand throwing away food like that. Unless it went bad. They could've found a trashcan, though.