Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 5, Page 18 Psycho Goat

Mary didn't to anything to that goat.

That goat had issues. Big issues.

Mary was minding her own business chasing geese when BAM! this psychotic goat bursts out of nowhere and chases her! Finally ended up treeing her at the top of a slide. I'd illustrate the whole thing but we gotta get to Duluth sometime this summer. lol


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

'Minding her own business, chasing geese?' I'm not sure the geese would see it that way. ;)

Somehow, "Psycho Goat" sounds like the title of a movie bucking for 'worst of the year.'

Brigid said...

Oh come on, Dad! hahahaha It's a good thing I'd already finished my cereal before reading this or there'd be puffed rice and Silk all over my laptop.

"Worst of the year," indeed! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just have a question (Conny here)

Why is it that you say you are six years old there, but in a previous strip you had our baby brother there. When he was born, Conny was six. That would make Brigid... umm, older.

Just a thought

Brigid said...

Ah, perhaps it was not clear. This is a flashback in reference to the previous comic.

Sorry for the confusion.