Monday, June 30, 2008

Chapter 5, Page 20 All this way, for this?

All this way for a neighborhood playground?

With current gas prices, Dad's question is valid, but there is a lot more to Duluth than this. Really!

They just happened to pick the week went most places were closed for one reason or another. Go figure.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

I remember that park: It was fun, and rather attractive.

Seems to me that my sense of timing always was a little, ah, creative.

Brigid said...

It runs in the family.

The relative who sold some land for a dollar in what would soon become downtown Chicago? Yeah.

Tenacious-K said...

Reminds me of Christmas morning; by around 10:00 am the kids have abandoned the new toys and are playing in the boxes. ;-)

I understand this now - a toy is too limiting to a child's imagination. That is, a toy can only be what it is, while a box can be anything you want it to be!


Brigid said...

Yeah. Just look at the mileage Calvin's cardboard box got!